Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Story

I have decided to place my story on here. It's not very good, and it's pretty much just a rough draft, and things are probably spelled wrong, but... yeah. I just thought I would.

To describe this, it's my ISC prologue for Misty.

Chapter One:

The Not So Narrow Escape

I looked behind me and laughed as I saw the men chasing me become smaller and smaller. I thought about how close they had been to catching me and thought, “Let’s NEVER do that again…”

I ran into the forest, and left a few signs saying I went one direction (a broken twig here, a scrap of cloth there), when in reality, I climbed up the nearest tree, and decided to travel through the rest of the forest up there.

I stopped and rested on a high branch so that I could watch my handy work. The three men chasing me ran in and stopped. The first one, who claimed his name was Thomas, said, “You, go that way. And you, search that way. We will find that girl…” The men he had pointed to, Jim and Bob, ran to the left and right. Thomas sat down and seemed to be napping while he waited.

“Sir! I think I found something!” Jim shouted as he ran to Thomas. Thomas got up at once and ran over to see what Jim had found. Tom squatted to examine the broken twigs, then got up and saw the cloth that had “got caught on the branch”.

“Men, she has gone this way. We must hurry if we are going to catch her!” with that, they all took off in that direction. And then, I proceeded to climb in the opposite direction, gaining as much distance between us as I could.

I looked at my watch, “4:36… I need to meet up with Aric in 24 minutes. I better hurry.” I stopped, sat on the branch and pulled my folded map out of my pocket. I unfolded it and it looked more like blue lines and a few red x’s then a map, but at least it’s something. I put my finger down where I was, and placed my other index finger where I was supposed to meet up with Aric. I frowned, that was a long ways aways. “well, I’m not going to get there any quicker sitting here.”

I stood back up on the branch and looked around. Sadly, there didn’t seem to be anymore branches to climb on. So I jumped down from the branch I was standing on, and started running through the forest.

Judging by the map, it was going to take me roughly 37 minutes to get there, so I was running as fast as I could.

After roughly 100 feet, I heard something and froze. I had no idea what it was, and was worried that I had made a huge circle and fell straight into the enemy’s arms. I looked around and saw nothing. I looked up hoping I could jump into one of the trees, but all the branches were too high. “Stupid 5’ 6”… why can’t I be taller?!” I walked every so quietly through the forest, hoping I wouldn’t be heard. I crouched down in the tall grass and prayed I wouldn’t be spotted. That’s when I heard voices.

“Sir… I think we lost her.” I heard Bob say.

I peeked through the grass and saw them. I saw Thomas’s face go bright red and he said, “Lost her? Lost her?! NEVER! We will keep searching this forest until we find her!!” He got right up in Bob’s face and yelled, “Do you understand me?!”

Bob could only slowly nod. I almost felt bad for him. He looked as if he was only 16 or 17. “He was probably forced into this by his parent’s… or the *ahem* ‘government’.”

I turned my head and saw Jim just standing there, almost afraid to move because of what he saw. But Thomas didn’t give them time to sit there, “I thought I said to move it!!” He shook his head and mumbled to himself, “why do I always get the dumb ones…”

I looked around trying to find a way out, but they blocked the way I needed to go. I tapped my head while I thought, “Tunnel… no, won’t work… Bridge… no that’s dumb… oh dear, I’ll never think of anything… wait, dear, deer, DEER! That’s it!”

I looked around and saw a deer grazing to my right. I looked down at my feet and saw some rocks. I picked up a rock and really, really hoped this worked. I threw two rocks over in the brush near the deer… and it didn’t move. I quickly picked up two more, and tossed those as well. That got the deer’s attention, as well as the attention of the three people searching for me.

“what was that?” Jim asked.

Thomas furrowed his brow and yelled at the two, “well? How about instead of just standing here… we go over and look!” All three started to run over there. And just like I had hoped, the deer heard them and started running.

“I can hear her running!” I heard Bob shout.

“we’ve got her!” I heard Jim say. I realized that if I didn’t start to move, they would get me. I started running in the direction I needed to go, hoping they wouldn’t investigate into the noise over this way.

I had almost reached the edge, when I heard them heading this way. Apparently, they had heard me. But thankfully, I heard the river ahead of me. I ran faster then I had ever run before (and my job calls for a lot of running, so that’s saying something). I jumped in the river, remembering that it was October… Needless to say, it was FREEZING! I thought my skin was going to freeze off, but I just kept swimming to the other side.

By the time I had gotten two-thirds of the way across, I heard the men come out. I heard bullets splash in the water around me, and it took all my strength to keep swimming and to NOT panic.

That’s when I heard Thomas say, “Stop shooting you imbeciles! Karapov wants her ALIVE. Not dead. Dead won’t do us any good. We will just have to find a way around the river. Jim, you go that way, and Bob, you go that way. When you find a way across, report back.” Jim and Bob ran off in their assigned directions, and I had reached the other side. I sat on the beach and took a well deserved rest.

“Misty, don’t think this is over! Karapov will catch you, and when he does, it won’t be pleasant!” I looked to see Thomas was yelling at me.

I replied, “You know, it’s not polite to shout at a woman.”

He laughed in mock laughter, “You think I’m joking? Hah! You are a greater fool than I thought.”

I tried not to laugh, “If you think that I think that you are joking, you would be very mistaken. I just know how to blow something off. But while we are sitting here, I have a few questions for you. Number one is this, why does Karapov want me?”

“You took something of his. Something he would like back very much.”

I looked surprised, “Me? Took something? why, you must be mistaken, for I have not taken a thing.” I wasn’t lying either… it was two things I took.

“Do not lie to me! Do you take me for a fool? We know you took that paper from Karapov’s office. We saw you take it!” He was furious with me now, I could tell. But I just tried to play innocent.

“well, I see. I suppose I DID take that paper… But what does this have to do with you? Why doesn’t Karapov just come get the formula himself?” I covered my mouth with my hand innocently, “Oh, does he send you to do all his dirty work?”

Thomas crossed his arms, “Karapov sends me because he trusts me.”

“I see, I see… well, if you are doing all of his dirty work, then how come you aren’t running his facility? If you do all the work it seems to me, that you should be the boss.”

He narrowed his eyes at me, “If you are trying to get me to turn on my boss, it won’t work.”

I shrugged, “Yeah, well, it was worth a shot. But if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting to get to.” I stood to go, when Thomas pulled out his gun and aimed it at me.

I stopped, and tried not to seem alarmed. “Thomas… you’re not going to shoot me. You told the other’s Karapov wanted me alive.”

He smirked, “You are right, I did tell them that. But he didn’t say that you couldn’t be injured, say, shot in the leg as to where you cannot run.”

I didn’t say anything… I couldn’t think of anything to say!

“Now, if you would be so kind as to sit down, so that I do not have to shoot you, I would be most grateful. I would rather not waste bullets on the likes of you.”

I looked around. The forest was a good few yards behind me. I could take off running for it, but I would probably get shot before I reached it. I sat slowly down and glanced at my watch. 4:55. I was definitely going to be late for my meeting…

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Decisions... that could be lifechanging

Hey, everyone! (Yes, DJ, I did just steal your intro.)
Lately, it's been kinda boring. Not much to report. Though lately I have been thinking about things. I seem to catch myself more and more about thinking how I really want to become a musician... like, really, really badly. It looks like a bunch of fun, and I think I would really enjoy it (once I got over the stage fright bit. ;) I would force myself to get over it!). But then I think about how hard it is to become one, and how I might have to move away. Then I think about the fact that I don't know anyone else who plays anything else (kinda makes it hard to form a band). And my Dad tells me that I probably wouldn't make it (... thanks a lot Dad...), but things like that just make me want to try harder. And on the other hand, I know he's probably right.

But... yeah. I just don't know what to do. Because I read stories about how all these musicians started when they were really young, and I just started a year ago; and I ponder, "Do you have to start young?" Then I think to myself, pfft, of course you don't. And it's just really frustrating. Because that's what I want to do, so badly. But idk what my family and whatnot would say. *sigh* Like I said, it's aggrivating.

The funny thing is, I had wanted it a while back, but then that feeling went away. Then a few months later I kinda felt it once more. I started to pray about it, and the feeling has just gotten stronger since. Maybe it's what God wants me to do, idk. I'll keep praying about it, and let y'all know if anything new happens with it.

*sigh* But anyway, besides that, nothing much has been going on. It's been rather... boring. *shrugs* Hopefully something exciting will happen soon.

Farewellseseses, peoplesesesese!
Misty M. signing out. *poof*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Stuff

Ok, I have decided, SA is my new best friend. Why? Because I ventured to his blog and saw he had Revive's song 'Blink' there. *gasp* It made me a very happy person. *laughs*

And I have also noticed that blogspot doesn't like me tonight... keeps locking up. *shakes head* Tis a shame.

One more thing I noticed, blog is a really weird word. Tis kinda like blob, and that makes me laugh. idk, why do they call it 'blog'? *shrugs*

*thinks* I did have something else to say... hhhmmm... it will come to me... at some point. But for now, I shall move on.

I really don't have much to say today. Twas quite boring to be quite honest. It would rain, then stop, then rain somemore. We went to the store, I played hide-and-seek with Aidan. (ugh, got a neck cramp doing that... but he didn't find me!! *high fives self*)

BACKGROUNDS! ... Sorry, that's what I was forgetting. Backgrounds. blogspot has waaaaay too many to choose from that I like. it drives me nuts. Maybe I should just smoosh them all together and make that my background... hhhmmm... interesting...

But anyway, like I said. Twas boring... kinda like this post... idk why I'm even going to post it! But, *shrugs* Tis the way things are.

Oh, that's another strange thing I noticed that's kinda rather odd. I noticed all of my blog peopleses are dudes. *ponders this* I need to rally up some gals to follow it. idc if they read it, but it's just kinda weird having only dudes follow me. *shrugs* idk why, just is.

Anyway... that's it for now.

C ya!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taggdededed... The Second

Well, Mr. S of the A has tagged me again. *looks at new tag* At least he upped the price to 6 bucks. :P XD

Ooooooo... such a pretty award. Thank ye SA! And it almost actually works too. Because I just ordered some ribbon for my typewriter! I will FINALLY get to use it!! *cheers* *claps track plays*

Now then... down to business..

If you could write one word, what would it be?

Epic. That or Huzzah! (Oh... wait... that's two words... *shrugs* oh well)

Use one word to describe yourself.


What is something random about you/your writing that you'd like to say right now?

That the Misty in the newer ISC is pretty sarcastic. Makes me wonder how sarcastic I really am...

Think up an absurd title for a book.

Hhhmmm... Smells Like Death (*shrugs* maybe tis not absurd enough... but it's the best I could do atm. :P)

What is the strangest sentence you can think of?

Ok, A loves B, but B loves C; Only C loves X and D doesn't know whether B really works at the store or not, but in reality pineapple doesn't grow on trees. (by the end of that, I had know idea where I was going with ithis. :P)

What do you write?

Things. Random things that pop in my head. *shrugs* Sometimes I write out dreams I've had, sometimes I write little bits of stories I think up. And I write ISC with two of the best co-authorses in the world. ^_^

If you had a weird disease and could only make one sound over and over, what would it be?

a giggle

Here are the rules all ye tagged people must abide by:

1. Post about the award

2. Award 3 other people

3. Answer the tag
And the three peoples are.........
1.) DJ
2.) C
3.) SA just because I can. *smirks* Tag war! >:D *ahem* Anyway...
*grins* I'm officially in a good mood now.
alrighty, on to non-tagged stuffses...
Well I have found out that I have at least 13 mosquito bites. :P And still counting. *facepalm* And my dad has just informed me that this is very not good because apparently we have the West Nile Virus going around. *facepalm* And why's it called west nile virus anyway? I mean, according to my map, west of the nile is... *looks* Oh, that would be here. Just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay west. hhhmmm... I guess that's why it's called that then...
*note to self* don't go outside... EVER. :P Because I've hardly been outside this week. I've walked from the car to stores, walked to the mailbox and back. *shrugs* idk. Tis a pain though.
Ah, and earlier I was playing with Charity earlier, and I accidently banged the back of her head on the bone between my eyes... Let's just say, she's got a really hard head. :P Anyway, so I was bawling like a baby (thank goodness only Charity, Aidan and I were home. THAT would have been embarassing), and I found that I have the sweetest baby sister in the world. She walked over and gently placed her hand on my shoulder and asked, "Are you k?"  Me, "No... it hurts..."  She gently patted my shoulder and said, "I sowy" (sorry, but with a 'w') "It ok" Then she proceeded to show me books, "look! Buzz! wall-e!"
It was just so sweet, because she's only two and a half, yet she tries to comfort people. And she's been doing that for a while too.
Heh, another thing Charity did was, I was sitting in the chair, and she runs up yelling, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", runs into me and yells, "OW!"Then she grined and quietly said, "sowy" It. Was. Sooooo funny. She did that roughly 6 times... I was laughing so hard.

Well, I think that's it for now.

C ya!

Monday, July 19, 2010

*has no idea what to call this* *shrugs* That works...

Well, yesterday was a very odd day. First off, apparently it was 'give your best friend a gift' day. Well, not officially, but Tricia and I sure thought so. :P Ok, so we go to church yesterday morning, and I had two things for her (a CD and some photos), and she comes to church with two things for me (a CD I'd really wanted and a little pineapple and panda). It was so funny. I almost screamed when I opened the CD.... in church... Thankfully, I resisted and didn't. But I came close! XD

*thinks* Ok so, I have finally gotten all my stickers on my guitar case! It looks so nice, and I like it. ^_^

(Left) Hawk Nelson, and on the green sticker; Francesca Battistelli and Living Anthem

(Right) Revive, 33 Miles, Chris and Conrad (I even got to laminate the pick I caught to the sticker!), and on the red sticker; Two members from Kutless, The Afters and Michael W. Smith. I do also have Tal & Acacia and Barlowgirl stickers on there, but they aren't signed. 

But yes, this makes me happy. ^_^

Another thing that makes me happy, is I was able to put a sticker of the ice sword on the front of my laptop. It fir over the TOSIBA perfectly!

Ah yes... oh happy day.

*thinks* What else... Oh! Bethany, Catherine and Tricia are doing a thing at the mission center, Kid's Club, and they had to find music for music time. They had to make dances to go with it. So I decided to help them. We ended up dancing for... 3 and a half hours. :P I was feeling it last night, but not too much today thankfully. It's actually really fin though! I should get a vid of them doing it sometime... *nods* I think I shall.

Let's see... I think that's about it for now.

C ya later!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awesomest night ever.... ok, maybe not ever, but you get the picture.

Ahhh... Life is good. I just got back from a Hawk Nelson and Revive concert. If you've never heard of Revive... Check them out! They are awesome. and Australian, what makes them doubly awesome. ^_^

Anyway, concert. So we got there, and we actually got to stand pretty close to the stage. And we wait for about 30 minutes or so, and then Revive comes out. Now, like I said, they are awesome on their CD's... but they are even better in concert. For only knowing about them for 4 days, I was a very happy person. hehe I got lots of pictureses and a vid too... I just need to upload them to me computer. Who knows, I might post some of them on here. *shrugs* Anyway. They play, pretty much all of my favorite songs. Then they go off.

After that, Kent Matthews (the guy from KSBJ, our radio station) comes out and squirts us with these heavy-duty water guns. XD XD It felt sooo nice. It was pretty funny too, because they had beach balls, inflatable fish and even an... INFLATABLE CRAYON! Being tossed around in the croud. heh, people were aiming it at Jason (Hawk Nelson dude) and throwing them at him. And he didn't seem to notice at all. *laughs*

(Pic of Jason with inflatable crayon... as if you couldn't tell. :P but yeah, that's how close we were. No zoom.)

And so, he does that. And then, Hawk Nelson (and the singer's name isn't actually Hawk... tis Jason. *shrugs* idk why it's called Hawk Nelson) comes on. He's really good at being entertaining. XD Twas so much fun to watch him.

It was pretty annoying though, because people kept having... basically human tug-of-war (at least, that's what Jenny and C call it). They would push people around... it was really annoying. And C counted 17 people who "crowd surfed". I actually knew one of the people who accidentally kicked Tricia and me in the head... we are going to fuss at him Sunday. XD

but! It was soooo funny! Ok, we are standing there waiting, and these two guys were standing next to us. And I have my back to them, and one of them says, "You know... we should go up to someone with a chair, sit in it and tell them, 'Hey, I wanted to talk to you about Jesus.'" Then the guy next to him says, "yeah, and they would say, 'No you didn't! You just wanted my chair!'" heh, Tricia and I were laughing soooo hard.

But so, during the "human-tug-of-war", those two same guys happened to be standing next to us. (somehow... they were the entire time, even thought we kept moving up. *shrugs*) but they stood between us and the pushing, and took it all. Which we thought was nice. Chivalry and all that!! XD

so, after the concert, we go get things signed. And I usually tend to print out stickers with the band's logo on it, so I can stick it on my guitar case. And I get Hawk Nelson to sign one. But then... I go over to Revive to get them to sign theirs... *grins* Tricia is standing in front of me, and Rich (bass player) looks at Tricia's sticker and says, "Where'd you get this?" Tricia points at me and says, "she made them. They're stickers." He grins, "They're stickers? You're awesome!" I got Rich to sign it, and gave him a high five. Then I go to Dave (the singer) and he says, "These are stickers? And you made this? Wow, you're legit!" (apparently, it means cool) So I high fived Dave. Then I moved to AJ (the guitar player)... Now, AJ is the funniest and coolest in the band. He tells me, "You're really impressive, making these." Then he leans forward and whispers to Tricia and me, "You guys are the coolest here." *grins* Then I high fived AJ, and then moved to Mike (the drummer). And he says, "Theses are really neat. It was a good idea to make these." I high five him and walk over to the side to wait for C and Jenny. While I'm standing there, Mike turns to me and says like... two more times, "Those are REALLY cool" XD XD *is very happy* *sigh* It was sooo cool. I'm never going to forget that Aussies called me awesome. heh

Then later, we are standing at the dip-in-dots getting water, and this guy says, "Bye." To me. I turned to see who it was, and one of the Hawk Nelson guys (either the bass player or guitar player) had half stopped, half kept walking, turned and looked at ME and told ME specifically, "Bye." I was shocked. I said, "Bye!" and waved. it was pretty cool, because I hadn't even said anything significant to him, yet he stops to say bye. heh, it was... like I said, pretty awesome.

*sigh* So yes, it was an awesome night, that I hope to NEVER forget. ^_^

c y'all later!